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K9-PAWS: Partnering Animals With Services

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Meet Our Founder

Dedication is an important part of success.

Janet Sellers, Programs Director

Janet Sellers and Hobie

Janet enjoys hiking and kayaking when she isn't spending her time behind the computer or the training camera.

Wearing many hats is a common task at K9-PAWS!


A small dog still has the amazing hearing and scent skills for service dog work. Small dogs are often used when a large dog's size is not needed to help with balance, getting up out of a chair, etc.

k-9 PAWS = Partnering Animals With Services
Information for service animal teams.

For more information on Service Animal Teams contact:
Americans with Disabilities Act

Link to ADA site and information.

ADA Home Page

In Colorado, one place we recommend you also visit Colorado Cell Dogs facebook page, just click this text and you're there.

Information about service dogs for Autism adults or children, click here.

Informative site called Dogs 4 diabetics, click here for their facebook page.

Click here for CARES service dog site

In Colorado, check out Freedom Service Dogs