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K9-PAWS: Partnering Animals With Services

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Partnering Animals With Services
Janet Sellers and "Hobie" - Service Dog Team

Service dogs, service dogs, service dogs!  Welcome to K9  PAWS!  We offer top-quality information on service dogs, dog training, and dog events for dogs and people.

We use large typeface will help our vision impaired clients, so we use it where ever possible on our website.

If you need a service dog, it's best to do lots of research, including contacting service dog organizations that have been around for quite some time - we have some links for you.  

If you need dog training or ongoing training, be sure to use a positive trainer - no punishment. It's a lot to take in, but with so many kinds of service dog needs, your best ally is information first.

Helpful links for you! The Americans with Disabilities Act has some handy information for all of us, just click this text for the link!

THERAPY DOGS: The skills of service dogs are vastly different than those of therapy dogs. Both have great roles to perform, only service dogs are allowed in all public places as they are actually "medical equipment" so to say. If you are interested in having your dog become a Therapy Dog, click here! Therapy dog video:

We hope you'll find the information you need on this site about  services, and we try to stay up to date. Best wishes in your service dog search and in keeping up with your skills.

We hope you find some helpful information here on our site, and encourage you to be diligent in your search for your canine partner, you will be a team for many important years.

Service Animals come in all sizes and perform many tasks for their handlers.  


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K9-PAWS researches programs for training and placement of service animals to disabled persons in need, and we make efforts to have information links for self help research on the subject. Your efforts in this will likely range from helping yourself or a disabled person toward resources to train their own dog, to seeking training referrals, to help with fundraising for a service dog/service animal that is "turn key" ready to serve. K9-PAWS hopes you find your canine service dog partner soon.

k-9 PAWS = Partnering Animals With Services
Information for service animal teams.

For more information on Service Animal Teams contact:
Americans with Disabilities Act

Link to ADA site and information.

ADA Home Page

In Colorado, one place we recommend you also visit Colorado Cell Dogs facebook page, just click this text and you're there.

Information about service dogs for Autism adults or children, click here.

Informative site called Dogs 4 diabetics, click here for their facebook page.

Click here for CARES service dog site

In Colorado, check out Freedom Service Dogs