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K9-PAWS: Partnering Animals With Services

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Tips, tricks, and videos!

Some great videos on dog training, dog massage, and general good education for you and your dog.

I've scoured the web for you!  Here are some of my favorite places for you to watch videos on how to help you and your dog  - you human/canine connection. Some programs in the USA offer a waitlist for service dogs, with an intensive application process to assure a good fit for dog and person.

I suspect that the single most important issue for the team is social skills as well as the specific skills the disabled person needs done for them. First step is to pass the Canine Good Citizen test, to make sure the dog can be a public-safe dog - in all the stresses and situations you meet.

There are also owner-trained programs as well, but only for a really rigorous, dedicated team. Pets are so loved, but they just aren't able to cope with the rigors of service dog stresses, so getting a service dog that is prepared and ongoing training are vital to the team success. 

The underlined texts below is actually the link, so click text:

Canine Good Citizen Test - what it looks like in video.

Here is my absolute favorite dog mentor, Ian Dunbar. Videos are via youtube. Just click this text.

Another Ian Dunbar video:

Ian Dunbar video on boundaries, not dashing away:

Dog massage for a stressed dog. Handy for behavior issues, a trip out to the vet, vacation, etc.

Video on Therapy Dogs! Click here.

THERAPY DOGS: there's a huge difference in what a therapy dog does and what a service animal must do. Click this link to learn about making your dog a therapy dog!

Contact us or just click the referrals. 

k-9 PAWS = Partnering Animals With Services Information for service animal teams.

For informationon service dog teams click below.

Link to ADA site and information.

ADA Home Page

In Colorado, one place we recommend you also visit Colorado Cell Dogs facebook page, just click this text and you're there.

Information about service dogs for Autism adults or children, click here.

Informative site called Dogs 4 diabetics, click here for their facebook page.

Click here for CARES service dog site

In Colorado see Freedom Service Dogs: autistic children and military needs. Some years they have grants for general public as well.

To Contact us by phone: 719 357 7454. Most of your general questions are answered by visiting the links here, but if you are interested in local training, please give us a call and we may be able to help.