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K9-PAWS: Partnering Animals With Services

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Our Services

Sending monetary support to keep this site viable is a good way to help the mission of service dogs and the service dog message.

 Many people do not know where to start with their inquiries, and our site helps them with live links to services, movies on what an item is, and more. We don't have every answer, but our site is a convenient place to start learning more on the subject.

We appreciate your support.

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Choose your membership level and know that helping us keep up our information site with the best we can find means that you help support: families or a disabled person to have a more viable life with their service animal every day.

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Many of the services dogs can provide require you to seek out information for your specific needs to see if they can be met. A service dog will assist one person, not assist a whole family like a servant.

Services that dogs do not, or cannot do for you yet,  please remember to seek highly qualified specialists.  


THERAPY DOGS AND SERVICE DOGS ARE DIFFERENT! Click here to learn about what a therapy dog can do. Your own dog just may have what it takes to help others.

Therapy dog test brochure - see if your dog is a good fit for what it takes to be fair to your dog and to you.

Click this text to link to the ADA US government site information on service animals.

For in depth, professional service dog training, we recommend checking the facebook page for prison trained dogs, and ask about assistance dogs.

k-9 PAWS = Partnering Animals With Services Information for service animal teams.

For informationon service dog teams click below.

Link to ADA site and information.

ADA Home Page

In Colorado, one place we recommend you also visit Colorado Cell Dogs facebook page, just click this text and you're there.

Information about service dogs for Autism adults or children, click here.

Informative site called Dogs 4 diabetics, click here for their facebook page.

Click here for CARES service dog site

In Colorado see Freedom Service Dogs: autistic children and military needs. Some years they have grants for general public as well.

To Contact us by phone: 719 357 7454. Most of your general questions are answered by visiting the links here, but if you are interested in local training, please give us a call and we may be able to help.