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K9-PAWS: Partnering Animals With Services

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Where do we train?

Our Headquarters is in Monument, Colorado.  Located between Denver and Colorado Springs, we also work on site with our training programs for training the canine team, the animal fostering families, and our canine training events that serve the wider communities with the human-canine bond. Our referral programs will help out nation-wide.

It's WIN-WIN:  
We offer one-day and/or group training sessions and workshops as fund raisers.  So, while a dog you know can get first rate training for the human-dog team at your house, the funds raised at that event go toward a service animal for a disabled person, helping make their lives better every day.

Beginning class for basic obedience and basic review. Fun games and information for all, so bring the whole family. 30-minute class, hours of fun after!

Store/Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8am -5pm

k-9 PAWS = Partnering Animals With Services Information for service animal teams.

For informationon service dog teams click below.

Link to ADA site and information.

ADA Home Page

In Colorado, one place we recommend you also visit Colorado Cell Dogs facebook page, just click this text and you're there.

Information about service dogs for Autism adults or children, click here.

Informative site called Dogs 4 diabetics, click here for their facebook page.

Click here for CARES service dog site

In Colorado see Freedom Service Dogs: autistic children and military needs. Some years they have grants for general public as well.

To Contact us by phone: 719 357 7454. Most of your general questions are answered by visiting the links here, but if you are interested in local training, please give us a call and we may be able to help.